Deus Ex: Human Revolution~ Finally I've beaten it

Last time I've played Deus Ex, my save file got corrupted and the disc just went outright useless. So it took me some times before getting a new copy. Oh no, it was not because I couldn't find new copies, I was just too lazy to be replaying everything from the scratch. Besides, there were other new games I was playing at that time. Thus, Deus Ex got postponed for approximately a year and a half~

Now, finally running out of games to play, I got myself a new copy of DE:HR last week, and started playing right after my graduation. In my first playthrough I was playing as an all out killer. I just kinda shoot at everyone because I was being impatient. Now, I chose a more quiet path. I did a stealth playthrough, never killed anyone (except at the beginning of the game where I really have no choice but to shoot at everyone 'cause I was a noob at punching their face with the button B), and just became ghost-like. Well, I only get the Ghost reward once, 'cause everyone just happen to catch a glimpse at my scurrying figure. I hate the cameras especially. I felt non-violence method is way fun and rewarding than killing enemies anyway. I was a bit bummed for not getting the Pacifist achievement.

Deus Ex is a joy to play. There is certainly no doubt about that. This game is awesome through and through. The gameplay is engaging, the enhancements are rewarding, the story is enjoyable, the persuasion sessions are fun, the environment is gritty- everything, I just love everything on this game. It just blends every different gameplay ever existed, and innovate it into this masterpiece. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but you cannot deny that this is a great game.

I will surely go on a second round, and perhaps this time I'll get my Pacifist achievement.