I'm Always Curious...

... and gender and sexuality is always on my mind. 

I had a very simple way of thinking when I was young. As I grow older, I began to accept and feel for the individuals who are being misunderstood by the society. And being rejected from their religions- more accurately, people of the same faith- as well. 

And I'm also always very curious about my sexuality. No, I'm not confused about my gender, it's my sexuality I'm pretty much trying to figure out. For instance I've always felt that I'm an asexual, but as time passed, I know this is pretty much not the case... 'cause I've fallen head over heels on guys. Well, that's a bit exaggerating. I just had normal crushes on several boys on my younger days, crushes on several male actors, and even crushes on literature characters (mostly, it's because of their personalities, mind you). Ahhh, but then again I've never had any relationship based on three factors; 1) my parents' overbearing overprotective-ness prevented my desire to have one, 2) I think I have commitment problems, and 3) I wish to earn a phD without the worry of raising a family. But sexually- I mean, despite all the crushes- I never have any sexual desires. I do am curious, and yeah, I've watched porn because I'm curious (degrading stuffs, I know), read erotica (unbelievably stupid most of the time) and what-nots. 

It's not really a wrong thing to do you know, but I suggest you don't go and try what I did if you feel disturbed by it. Disturbed as you having this thought, "OMG! SHE DID WHAT?" So yeah, I think I am an asexual... Oh! I don't know!

So I went ahead and did S.A.G.E (The Sex and Gender Explorer test) online, just to get things straight. And it's fun, yo! And this is the result of the test.

Your Raw Score is: 485, which indicates that overall you are Androgynous
Your appearance is Feminine
Your brain processes are mostly that of a Androgynous person.
You appear to socialize in a feminine manner.
You believe you have mild conflicts about your gender identity.
You indicated your were born Female.ANALYSIS:Normal doubts/curiosities about life as the opposite sex, but you generally accept your physical sex and gender identity. 

My brain processes are mostly of a androgynous person. That makes sense now. Hmmm... Why don't you guys go and try it