Corrupted Save Again!

Ughh! This is the second time it happened to me! And this time on a Final Fantasy XIII-2 save game file!

I really do not know what happened. I was not playing online and I'm pretty sure that the autosave was undisturbed. I always saved my game and exit it properly. So this was really frustrating. It wouldn't be so if my characters hadn't reached level 70+ already, with different classes and full ATB gauge extension, that I'd collected a vast amount of monsters as well as leveled them up, and that I was halfway through the story. Dammit. Now I have to replay everything at boring level 1. The torture! The frustration! 


Well, it helps that FFXIII-2 gameplay is a thousand times better than the first FFXIII installment. Unlike the first game, I really invest myself in this one. I wouldn't mind playing it all over again. I am only frustrated about the fact that I lost every single things I've worked to gain in the game. I spent 16 hours- or more- worth of gameplay back then, so yeah- it sucks to just lost everything all of the sudden. But playing the game again does give me a new perspective. 

Serah, Noel and Mog are waaaaayyy more lovable to be skipping out cutscenes~

Final Fantasy is one of those games that I need some time to warm up too. The first time I've played it I was dead bored. There were so many things I didn't quite like at that moment, like random enemy encounters- which happened quite often and was hard to avoid especially when you're walking in tight spaces- tire me out rather quickly. Even the story and characters bore me. But now, on my not-so-second playthrough, I actually enjoy the everything FFXIII-2 has to offer. The gameplay is a whole better and fun in so many ways, the story is quite simple unlike what many reviewers had claimed was a convoluted mess, and the characters are extremely likeable (well, they angst less, and a whole lot mature considering their young age). Plus Mog was endearing and funny. And since I've known where to get most fragments and important stuffs I can at least play with more purpose this time. I have to admit, the time-traveling did get me confused back then. Now, with a new perspective and focus on the story, the game become more enjoyable. 

Hmmm, I guess this corrupted save is a silver lining after all.