Peace... That's All That Matters~

I've been pretty stressed out lately, there's just been a lot of things going on. Apart from the coming interview, and the thought of posting away from my family, and then there's my country's GE coming and everyone right now is just so pissy (me included), and also the fact that our state is being invaded by a certain royal pain in the ass and that our media barely give any update about it, coupled with a bunch of ignorant douchebags on the internet who kept accusing our people as being squatters (which is funny considering most of us are descendents of the original natives in this land they're claiming as theirs- stupid much?)

So yeah, I'm feeling helplessly suicidal for the past few weeks. It's amazing to see firsthand how fucking ugly humanity really is. And it's depressing to see everyone being "high and mighty" against one another. Whatever happens to "our religion teaches peace"? Christian or Muslim or any other religions, whatever happens to peace? 

I just really hope no one gets hurt back there, I'm worried about those people. Including the intruders, because I heard they weren't allowed to go back even when they wanted to. And this whole thing had escalated into one big ugly racism issue on Facebook. I can't believe it's easy for people to just succumb into such thing without feeling a lil' bit guilty. And these mighty leaders and sultans?! Do they even care about us simple folks? Of course not, they just want "what's theirs". Fuck the others. They're not the one who's suffering, so why should they care? I lived everyday just trying to be optimist, but I'm too fucking worried about this, I'm too angry and hurt when I think about those people. I cannot even sit for 5 minutes and not think about the situation. It's true what people said, ignorance is truly a blissful state of mind. 

I wished for nothing other than peace for my country

And I wished for people to care more about one another