More Books!

It's not hard to guess what I am going to ramble on from the title, this is a post where I am going to show off my new books.

So last Friday I went to pick my sister for her weekends- this time with blessing from my beloved yet overprotective father- and we ended up in 1B again. This time I made sure to visit Harris for some new books. There was a particular book I had wished to get my hands on, and I am happy to say they finally shipped new copies of Life of Pi that was not in hard cover and printed on glossy paper. I could certainly afford this one. But then again, I spent approximately RM 100 on a few more books. And then another RM 50 at Times bookstore. I just wanted to make sure my supply of books didn't go out since my reading had improved lately.

Here are the books; 

1) Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I've been trying to get this book since I watched the movie almost a month ago. I'm so happy this one come in cheaper price than the hardcover one.

2) Mental by Shaz Johar

Another Fixi book! I'm trying to improve my Bahasa Melayu, as I wanted to try and write some short stories in Malay as well. Practice and lots of reading makes perfect.

3) Midnight Walking by Kathryn Chua

So, I've been wanting to try out some new YA novel (it's not like I don't read YA anymore, but I've been avoiding Twilight-esque cliche like a plaque for the past months so my collection is sparse), and this one looked promising. Ok, the cover is interesting. I bought a book based on its cover again. I hope I don't regret this.

4) Ashes of Twilight by Kassy Tayler

If I bought Midnight Walking solely by judging the cover, I bought this one because of the word "dystopia" at the back of it. I've been meaning to buy some Science Fiction, but it was hard finding the right one. I hope this one delivers.

5) Venom Suria by Mazni Aznita

Yes! I bought two Malay novels! Good improvement huh? Alright, there were two things that made me bought this book. One is the cover; don't you think the opera mask dangling in the middle and the hand wielding a keris looked intriguing? Secondly, it was the tagline, which read "Dia dicintai dua lelaki... Satu mahu melindungi, satu lagi mahu membunuhnya..." (She is loved by two men... One wants to protect her, the other wants to kill her...) So ominous, don't you think? Ok, I admitted the tagline amused me a little bit. It sounded like the YA cliche formula I've been avoiding, but I wanna see how  our local writer is going to present this cliche. Perhaps miss Mazni can offer something new to this cliche.

And that's all. I'll be putting up more reviews soon.