... on blogging, I mean.

I've just been very lazy with internet lately, opting instead to gaming, movie-watching, and boring every day routine of living an unemployed life- unless on weekend where I'll be teaching at tuition. Can't believed I miss teaching so much, but no the teaching-at-school life. Somehow, new educational policies that had been going around during this period, especially around the general election, had become incredibly dull and passionless.

Everything just felt so forced. Like the other day when we went to the "express" interview, all 6 of us had to sit down in front of the 2 interviewers for two hours, answering only about 5 questions. One of the interviewers took her sweet moments to lecture us about being teachers and how hard it is being educators, how we should feel, how we should be knowledgeable about the whole educational policies and its constant fruitless changes, and everything. Hey, I'm up for good educational qualities and teachers who are passionate about teaching. Seeing the younger generations striving in their knowledge and skill they're going to get in educational institutions is my dream, and the continual inspiration for me to continue improving myself. But, most of the interviewer's advices were- how to put it- lame?

Haha. I had my fair share of teachers and lecturers who nurtured me and advised me accordingly. All of them inspire me to become what I am today. But this lady were giving us such lame, rigid advises about education and teachers that it just felt- meh. She was a veteran teacher no doubt, and a very good one I'm sure, but her advices sucked. The advices were the kind that you give to people when you want to patronize them, not encourage them. So that day sucked. I don't know if I'm going to pass the interview, but I know that day just sucked.

Hmm... I've been thinking of working for non-government sectors for some time now. But it is still just a thought. I hope I'll find my way around.