Old Games, Still Lots of Fun

Lately, I've been feeling quite nostalgic about Resident Evil, particularly Resident Evil 4 because my ps2 disc was damaged and I'd never got the chance to play Separate Ways (the Another Order). I miss the Mercenaries mini game in RE4, probably because I got bored with RE5 and RE6 already. Well, good thing I found a copy of Resident Evil : Revival Selection at 1B during one of my game hunts.

And the copy is in Japanese~

Apart from the spoken dialogue, the entire game is in Japanese. How on Earth do I managed to beat both T-Veronica and RE4? Seemingly, my brain still remembers the game mechanic's patterns even after 5 to 6 years not playing it. And I still remember how to solve all the puzzles. It's good to be able to play Separate Ways- finally. And the Mercenaries mini-game is still very addictive. I had to use a guide to play T-Veronica though, because all the the clues were in Japanese. But still, it wasn't that hard to beat. So yeah, I've been keeping an eye on a lot of old games that were re-made for Xbox 360. So far, I got the Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid HD collection, both of which I had been playing for hours already. I hope some of the old Final Fantasy series got made into 360 as well because my ps2 had hit the bucket.  

Well, until then~