On Hiatus?


I've just been spending waaaaaaaayyyyyy too much time with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Good... doggy- demn!

And because of this game, I'm several book reviews behind. I've just managed to free myself from the vice-like grip of DD: Dark Arisen in order to finish a book I'd been reading since last month, and not without help as well. My sister wanted to give the game a try and now I was able to find myself doing other things. Heh. Seriously, I don't know what will happen if they made a sequel of Dragon's Dogma, probably I'd be stuck in my room all year. Anyway, it's best I get down to my books now, poor the lots just collecting dust at the rack.

Oh, and I pass my interview. Now, I'm just waiting for my posting. All the more reason to enjoy while I still can. Heh.