Ferryman by Claire McFall

Not bad. I quite liked the story, but I felt something was missing as well.

I couldn't say I like Dylan very much. The book wanted me to believe her to have a "wisdom of an older soul". I'm sorry, I just couldn't fathom it. She was a genuine teenage character, that I agree. Bratty, but not wise. Still she had a bit of noble qualities to her, such as her brave gesture at saving the soul of a little girl without thinking about her safety. But that just it, her character was pretty hard for me to like.

Tristan was- well- okay. Just... okay. Sadly, I don't have much to say about him. Seriously, nothing. 

The journey across the wasteland felt like a videogame, what's with a safehouse and everything. It reminded me of Silent Hill where there would be danger only at a certain time, that even though everything was fine now, it would suddenly fall into hell. I loved how Dylan's mood affected the atmosphere somehow, and how the wasteland could be both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. 

But despite the wasteland and the death theme, the plot seemed a bit bland. There were some entertaining scenes like the part where Dylan and Tristan got thrown off their dinghy into the lake while there was a huge storm going on, but I felt the scenes were very forgettable. The building up of Dylan's background was also a bit rushed, I think. It felt the writer was trying way too hard to make it seemed Dylan was having a bad life. It went the same when Dylan went to the other side. Some of the characters came and go as if their presence were entirely unimportant when it should have been otherwise, and Eliza's presence felt a bit too deus ex machina. 

The journey back to the train wreck was a bit better, but it didn't manage to excite me more than it excite me to see the two main characters falling in love for no reason at all. Their love plot could have been better, but it was rushed and it was uninteresting. Come on, I don't mind this book being more than 500 pages to let us endorsed ourselves more into the wasteland and the characters, Ferryman got potential, so it was sad to see it didn't deliver well.