Solo Day Out and Gravity

For once in my life, I've finally had a day out all by myself for a day. Hear that people, I managed to slip out from my dad's protective grasp and feel like a real adult! All right, granted I was only driving around KK and had a good time shopping at 1B, but still..

I finished most of my money on skincare stuff. My skin was dry for weeks now after the school's sport day, and my Maybelline bb cream seemed to worsen things... And my skin was getting rather itchy. So, the nice Sasa lady  introduced the Dr.G cream. She said it's a solution to my condition, and since I had no other way to verify her claim, I decided to hold her words for it. My skin can be very difficult with new products.

Got a fantastic shower gel at a 50% discount~

And all these skincare products cost me more than RM 100 *faint*. I didn't even buy that many, darn it! Oh, I really hoped this cream is worth it. I told myself to not buy anymore stuffs after that. 5 minutes later I was walking into Padini and bought those belts. Then I went to BSW to get some games for the long school holiday. 

By now, I've spent about RM 400 in just an hour. Why did no one told me having wages would also mean being a big spender? I used to be thrifty, okay~ Yeah right... I wanted to find some clothes as well, but thank goodness nothing caught my eyes. Afterwards I went to watch the movie I've been dying to see since last week; Gravity.

I loved outer space movies. The space background always looked so majestic and out of the world. You don't see these views always apart from the one NASA shows. And this film captured the both the beauty and the terrifying aspect of it. Life at space is indeed impossible. Just watching Ryan spinning and spinning in zero gravity while she desperately trying to keep calm because her fast breathing was burning up her oxygen was enough to make my stomach churned. But the movie was very heart-wrenching as well~ You all should go and watch this movie immediately, immersed yourself in the most magnificent atmosphere of our existence that is the outer space.

After the movie, I went home with such a good feeling. It was a very nice day out, and I really hope my dear friends can join me next time. Can't believe everyone is so busy nowadays...

Till then~