Hanging Out with Siblings

Yes, yes, I know... I've been going out too much... But it's not always I get to spend some quality time with my siblings. Especially now that we're all having our own life. Furthermore, I've just got a job away from my family, and both my sisters are in university now. Our holidays aren't synced anymore like it used to. So, this day is very precious to me. Too bad my second younger sister didn't come with us.

Since I got wages of my own, I'd given both my brother and sister treats for the whole day. Now I'm broke, hahaha~

My sister fail at shopping... She wanted to take RM50 t-shirt that looked like RM5 one you can get at Giant~ I told her to take the RM25 clothing with better quality clothes and design, but noooooo... she wouldn't listen~

On our way, we went and visit the pet shop to get some perfume for our smelly doggies.

There's not many pictures because most of the animals were dozing off, and the one that were awake were very hyperactive, they wouldn't stay put~

Then we went shopping some more...
I'll start wearing skirts only after I have the courage to wear dresses to town~
For some strange reasons, they only showed Insidious 2 at 11.30 in the dead of night. What happened, GSC Cinema? So, we didn't go to the movies. Damn it, I should have watched Insidious 2 that day I went for Gravity~ Oh well, we'll just wait for the dvd then..

Oh yeah, and I bought these~

Now you know how really, really broke I am... After this, I'm putting myself on a tight budget. But I'm really happy though :)