Anyone Up for Cheap Books?

Hello, hello~

It's been a long time... I'm just dealing with a massive writer's block, probably got it from being too cooped up in the house (what can I say, overprotective parents...) so this blog is once again gathering cobwebs... I think it's been more than two months since I last updated this poor blog, I'm trying to change but my brain is mostly dull this past few weeks...

Anyway, enough with the depressing stuffs and onward...

Any Malaysian book-lovers out there who think books nowadays are just too expensive? Or there's a book you wanna read so bad but cannot find it anywhere at the local bookstores? Or you want to order books without worrying about the delivery fare?

Here's a new website that can offer you books at the lowest price with free delivery. It's quite nice, you can find both English and Malay books easily. And the price goes as low as RM20. Oh and I already found a book I've been searching for forever~
So yeah, go and check it out :)