Simming Away As the Holiday Comes to An End~

The holiday is coming to an end, and I've been gaming away like crazy. Right now I'm playing Lost Planet 3 and Dark Souls, but I'm taking a break from both; Lost Planet 3 because I needed a break from shooter-based game with angry alien monsters, Dark Souls because it's Dark Souls. The last time I played Dark Souls I spent approximately an hour trying to defeat Stray Demon (that bastard killed me like- 60 times), because I was too stupid and couldn't find the proper technique to defeat him. Maybe I'm just too bored with Lost Planet 3 because it felt a bit linear and I've been missing Dragon's Dogma too much. The gameplay was a bit boring too. I heard the story was really good, but I just couldn't get past the gameplay. Sure the rig was fun, the fixing stuffs was fun, the run-and-get-something quest was fun, but the action didn't excite me.

So I went to Dark Souls, one of the most punishingly difficult games out there, because I like swords and dragons. Yeah, the game is great fun! However not without any effort. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I do like challenges like in Dark Souls from time to time. I don't care I had to die for fifty times and had to revive in a nearby check point and went over the same place over and over again. Once you get the reward, it felt soooo good. And Dark Souls has many good (and hilarious) things in it. Once I found a secret passage where I can just shoot away the gigantic rat boss, found out I had no arrows so I just jumped on the beast with my Drake Sword. I forgot to change my armor into a lightweight one so trying to dodge the rat was a pain in the ass. When my health ran so low and I got no Estus left, I panicked and sort of slashed away at the air and suddenly the rat died even though I'm sure he still had half of his health left. 

Good fun! I loved how playing in Dark Souls you had to really consider your strategy and in my case since I suck so much, take advantage of the environment as best as you can to beat the monsters and bosses, such as slashing away a Knight's legs on a lower ground level while he uselessly hacked away at the air trying to kill you. Trolling on the Capra Demon while you're sipping your Estus on a high ledge and then jumping on him with your sword, then do it all over again until his health went down. I love it when you can lie your way through a game. *troll face* But alas, I felt a bit tired of going through so many deaths I decided to take a break from Dark Souls as well. I'm not giving up! I'm just taking a break~

So yeah, I game some more. 

An outing with my mom last week, I managed to get my hands on The Sims Medieval; the game I've been wanting to play since a few months ago (?)

I told you I like swords and dragons
I liked the Sims, but I've always felt it a bit monotone to keep me playing longer than a few hours. Then when I found out there was a Sims with the concept of medieval, I got hyped. I've been playing this for two days now, and though it's not exactly an RPG game and a repetitive in term of gameplay, I still find it enjoyable. Primarily, the Sims Medieval had ridiculous but enjoyable quests and stories. I also liked the medieval feel especially the part where you have to do quests regarding knowledge and religions. I hoped they made more like this, perhaps in a different setting. I do love a Sims Apocalypse, made me wanna imagine how life would be in a world where everything was destroyed. Imagine what sort of stories you could create with sims like that. 

Here are some of the sims pictures I took during gameplay~

A heavily decorated throne room with Lady Amarice the Illustrious looking bored
Sister Claudia doing some evangelizing
Lady Amarice attending a Jacoban sermon delivered by a very angry High Shepherd Armand

Grim enjoying her scrying moment

Someone tried to rob Eleanor the Spy, but she wouldn't have it

Sir Lestat having a conversation with one the golems who are getting ready to invade another land

Bard Mina entertaining the peasants

Lady Amarice, tired of her role as a monarch, decided to disguise as a jester for a day, no one recognized her btw
And until the next post~