Broken Age

Broken Age is a game about two teens- Vella Tartine and Shay Volta; two completely unrelated people in one curious story about weird kid space and virgin sacrifice. Yes, you heard me right... VIRGIN SACRIFICE. And there was a pretty dark comedy surrounding it.

You can begin the game with choosing either two protagonist. I started with Shay and change it back and forth with Vella. At first the story doesn't really make any sense because Shay's and Vella's stories were seemingly unrelated. The twist came after at the end of the game and as much as I liked this game, this Broken Age is actually an Act 1 only. It was unfinished. Or at least, the story was unfinished. I bought this for RM 15 and I finished it within 4 hours. So, I have to say it's not really worth the money. Better for you to wait for the entire plot to finish then buy it. Right now, just buy another game.

But this does not mean I hate the game, no, not at all. In fact I quite like it, loved it even. 

And that is saying a lot, since I'm not a fan of point and click game. Heck, I bought this because it had such pretty artwork. I'm a sucker for pretty art, be it games or books, my judgment can be impaired whenever I see an artwork and liked it so much I would get disappointed afterward. However, this game entertained me in term of gameplay. Sure the puzzles may be easy and unchallenging, but there was just this appeal to the gameplay I can't quite put to word. It may be that or I was just immersed with the simplicity of it all. I guessed for those who wished to do a lot of puzzles may be disappointed with this game.

Not only that, this game has top-notch, cutesy voice acting and wicked dark humor. It seemed very innocent on the outside at first, but when I saw how Shay reveled in suicidal dangers driven by boredom and lack of purpose in life, I knew there was more to the story. Vella was more traditional in a sense as a female protagonist who decided that her course in life need not be decided by circumstance and fate. Nonetheless, she was still very interesting and charming in her own right.

Despite loving the story, the art, and to some extent, the point and click mechanism, I felt half-hearted at the end. Probably because I felt the game was unfinished. I would wait for Act 2 because the twist and cliffhanger was good in my humble opinion. Enough to pique my curiosity for the next game. But I will maybe wait for the game to go on sale because frankly, it was just not worth the price. There was not even a replayability value- so yeah.. The game was short, and that was the main reason I couldn't recommend this game enthusiastically to others. However, if you appreciate a good story and gorgeous artwork, this game is for you.