Dragon Age: Inquisition: Awkward

Not a review. Just sharing a bit of nonsense.

I've been waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition ever since its first announcement. I was happy that the race system is back and I had planned to play as an elf at first. But afterwards I found out I could actually play as a Qunari, so I went ahead on my first playthrough as a Qunari warrior. I was both excited and disappointed; my Qunari was cool and intimidating, but at some parts she was just so awkward. I let her romanced Blackwall because you know, just because, and the romance scene was totally hilarious. Probably because when you get used to seeing her hovering over all the other characters, Blackwall included, in the romance scene she suddenly lost several inches. That was super weird and sometimes it broke the immersion for me. 

Except for Iron Bull, she was taller than everyone
I liked how she turned out but truthfully I was disappointed with her hair, because do you remember how cool the Arishok was with his long hair, badass armor and horns in DAII? 
My computer is not uber-powerful enough for me to go Ultra. Still look nice on low though, I think.
I got bored with my Qunari soon enough. Trust me, awkwardness after awkwardness does that to you after a time. I left a large portion of side quests and missions just to finish the main story. I could just start a New Game but I felt I couldn't betray my Qunari warrior even when I already grew tired of her.

Once I beat the game, I immediately started with an elf rogue inquisitor. Truthfully, I like her much more than my Qunari. At least she doesn't make everything so awkward at times.

Pretty sad at the fact she didn't speak like the other Dalish who have Irish accent, but it's okay
I think romance with Solas was pretty sweet. Oh, and Fade-tongue wins, lol

I wonder if it is more awkward playing as a dwarf than a Qunari. For instance, there was one scene where my qunari inquisitor was talking to Cole and the camera focused on her breasts instead of on her face. It was perhaps camera view constraint for the different model of character race, but still. I wonder if playing as dwarf would mean having my dwarf disappear completely from the camera when s/he is talking to a taller npc. I don't think I can handle the hilarity (and potential immersion breaking) that was going to ensue. 

More screenshots below, and SPOILER ALERT.