Year Walk

I got Year Walk fairly early, but I haven't had the time to play it since I was still very busy with things at school. When I did have free time, I forgot about this game on my library and had been preoccupied with Dragon Age instead. So I took some time off from DA just to play the games I had been hoarding every time a sale went up on Steam.

Year Walk is based on ancient Swedish tradition formally known as Årsgång, in which a man or a woman do a certain ritual in order to foresee the future involving his or her life. I've never heard of it until the game, and it peaked my curiosity.

The game was very atmospheric, eerie and intriguing. You just went on a walk through the wood, the scenery both beautiful and dangerous as you encounter strange creatures. I admit I got lost several time and got frustrated with some of the puzzles, so you can expect yourself to spend a couple of hours in this game. Or maybe I'm just not used to puzzle game. 

The artwork was gorgeous and the story was interesting. The game focused more on the process of year walking but you can learn more about the creature you encountered by reading the encyclopedia provided. It was an enjoyable experience, albeit very surreal. Also, you don't play the game once. The ending it provided was not all it seemed and judging from the list of achievements on Steam, you can play the game in more ways than one. I'll definitely be going on perfectionist mode to get all the achievements.

If you're interested in games like this, it's available for PC on Steam, and also available for iOS device. Play it, you won't be disappointed. And steer away from walkthroughs if you can, trust me. It would be more enjoyable if you did.