Battling Procrastination: Part 1

I have a problem with procrastination. You can say I'm dealing with a chronic one. Now, I am in an ongoing battle against it and I am keeping a record of it to encourage myself.

It was not always like this, I remember being a lot more organized and diligent while I was younger. Perhaps the change in environment affected me but I know if I want to defeat procrastination, I must blame no one but myself, and change nothing but myself.

So, the first step I did in this battle is to permanently delete my Facebook account. I spent waaaay too much time on Facebook doing nothing, reading articles and whatnots. It was unbecoming. Though I don't think deleting it is a big step, but it was a good first step.

The second step I'm taking is making a list of to-do everyday, just to get myself productive. Most of the time though, I'm overwhelmed with school works and duties, so I get discouraged whenever I get home. It's not that my body was too tired, but my mind felt numb every time school is out. I couldn't read, couldn't blog, couldn't do anything because of it. So, being optimistic is part of the second step. I performed poorly on my lists to do for this week, but I'm not going to give up. It is true what people said that old habit die hard, in my case, it's a bad habit and I intend to throw it away once and for all.

So, it's going to be a while before I'll move to the third step. At least I'm blogging today according to my schedule, so it's a start. Yes, blog every Sunday is a good start.

Oh, and I'm learning how to draw again. Yay! My dad said it was a pity I let life gets in the way of my passion, and that I should always pursue it even when I'm working my ass off as a teacher. So here I am, trying to make things right. 2015 was supposedly a bad year for me, but it actually start off pretty well and pleasant. Negativity begone, I shall take my father's word to heart and make this year a good one.