Battling Procrastination: Part 4

Well, this post missed the schedule that was supposed to be on Sunday.

Holiday had been good; I played a lot of games and finally FFVII was on discount last week. I bought it and had been loving every minute of it. I even watched a lot of films with my beloved daddy, learned to cook something other than eggs, and did a marathon on Legend of Korra which was overdue since last year.

Returning to Tenom after a fun-filled holiday actually brought some of my bad habits back. For instance, I fell on a long afternoon naps for two days in a row and wasted precious time! Luckily those naps didn't interfered with my sleep, and I woke up well-rested every morning. So, more works on getting rid of those bad habits.

With February coming to an end, time was also getting hectic. We are going to have our school test this March, so there are a lot of works to be done within this two weeks. I need to prepare tests paper, update files, update students' performance online.... the usual useless stuffs. After test is over, our school holiday will be filled with marking papers and crying tears of blood at students' "overly creative" essays.

Oh, I may missed blogging on Sunday, now an exercise of routine, but that was because I'm focusing on another blog which was private. I'm doing a sort of self-assignment blog, and it is going to run for the entire year before I'm going to share it in public. I've also decided to delete my DeviantArt account in favor of starting afresh.

I may be busy in life, and I may get busier after I start my Master, but I really want to live a life where I am fulfilled in my private life, my career as well as my passion. It has always been my wish to create something wonderful since I was little, and I loved writing and drawing, so I think I'd really like to make a comic. This year will be spent on getting my life back on track and saying goodbye to procrastination once and for all.