Obscure & Obscure: The Aftermath

Nothing like old school game
This is one of those games I'd been wanting to play since forever, but was not fortunate because my brother could only afford modded Playstation 2 in those old days and this game was unplayable. There may be lots of better survival horror games nowadays, but nothing beats like an old school horror games. 

Obscure tells the story of a group of high school students who found out that their school was infested with monsters by nightfall, and that some of the teachers might had instigated the whole ordeal. Fighting their way through monstrosity and fun environment puzzles, they set to defeat the heart of evil and find a cure for the creature infection that now run in their veins too. 

De ja vu, guys...
Everything about the game was so nostalgic; the horrible camera works, cheesy voice-acting, jumpscares, panty showing for fan service and the extremely fun puzzles. I love every bit of it. Even the stilted character movement was endearing. So I spent the entire week playing both games with all my lights turned off and the volume turned up, savoring every nasty things and enjoying the hell out of it.

What the Fu-
Truthfully, the monsters were not really scary, just gross. Beating them was a lot fun though. Soundtrack was great, and gameplay was satisfying. I admittedly had to refer to walkthrough once in a while because I got stuck at certain point during the first game, completely confused at what I should be doing, but overall, the puzzles were quite easy. 

I loved the battle mechanic more in the second game, because ammo was very limited and monsters were a lot more aggressive.  I still couldn't believed that Kenny was going to be a villain in the end, but still, it add up to the cheesiness. 

Obscure: The Aftermath even have QTE moments
I really hoped I can play more old school games, but some of them are still quite expensive on Steam, and I'm a bit hesitant to buy them in such a price. Still, Obscure was worth it.