Occasional Fever and WIP

I managed to get myself horribly sick just the second day of holiday, and I'd spent the entire time either sleeping or being very tired. The thing is, I seldom get fever, or flu, or any other sickness ever since I practiced keeping my palms clean all the time. It was a tip I got from reading a Reader's Digest article in which they said fever came mostly from outside infections and since our palms contained germs the most, it was logical one should always keep them clean. Sure, you can get fever from any other situations; a rapid change of temperature for example. Yeah, I'm one of those people who would get high fever from sitting under a heavily air conditioned room. It sucks since most places here are air conditioned because of the humid weather. However, I do seldom get sick because I take hands hygiene pretty seriously. I actually managed to get sick because I ate a cold ice cream during an incredibly hot day. Yeah, I should know better. It seemed my body was shocked by the extreme temperature change I got sick the day after. 

I supposed I should be grateful because it was not a viral fever (this type of fever would actually render me hopeless 24/7). But I still became quite weak and unable to do much during holiday. Desperate to get well before holiday end, I took my pills diligently, and they made me sleepy all the time. Coupled with my tendency to save money right now, nothing fun or exciting happened. I guessed I shouldn't complain much about the situation; I mean, I was at home by my family's side. Even though they sometimes irritated me to no end. So, no drawings, no blogging, or anything. Instead, I spent my moment meekly watching television while drifting in and out of sleep, or just play game when I tried to not fall into slumber. 

I think my achievements during holiday came down to this;

1. finally beat Final Fantasy VII after Safer Sephiroth pwned me eleven times (took me ten frickin' hours!)

I put this epic fight on pause because after 3 hours of fighting the initial three bosses, I needed to pee, this scene unpaused itself and by the time I got back the cutscene was playing halfway to the end. Damn it!

2. watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and Amazing Spiderman 2 

Everyone knew what would've happened, but I still wished they didn't follow the comic and let Gwen live! Damn it!

Yep. That's about it. Pretty sorry sight you must think of me. Well, yeah. Can't do much though, I can't get sick when I get back to school. Those sorry little bastards need some ear pulling soon.

A WIP. I tried out Paint tool SAI again, and it is still the one I'm good with the most. Might buy it next time.