LOTR Fanart: Aegnor and Andreth

I usually do this post on my other blog, but I really wanted to share this one out to other fans though. So, I just thought one day about this elf-human romance in LOTR world and realized almost of 'em are between a male human and a female elf. I searched if there was any romance involving a human maiden and a male elf. And yeah, there was one; of Aegnor and Andreth. Like many others, their story was melancholic in nature (in my opinion), but unlike others they didn't get to be together since they were living in a difficult age. I don't know why I went looking for romance in LOTR, still...

I spent two hours on Mischief with my trusty tablet and just drew~

So, I started out with a rough sketch of how I though Aegnor and Andreth looked like according to their description in the book via Wikia (it's hard to find Tolkien's other books here apart from LOTR and The Hobbit).

I opted for black and white sketch instead of coloring, because I'm in love with the superb pencil on paper simulation in Mischief (seriously, the software is one of the best investment in my life).

I rearranged their positions and added a bit of flowery motif just for the sake of it. I'm really happy with how this turned out. And I've been thinking of ordering JRR Tolkien's other works from Bookurve (you know, the one Malaysian online bookstore that managed to deliver my copy of The Queen of the Damned after three months. I'm still traumatized with the horrible shipping method). But I will do it once I get my next wage.

Truthfully, I think Aegnor's and Andreth's romance would have been very interesting. There was a long analytical essay on why a male elf and mortal woman don't fall in love; elf values beauty too much to even look at a lesser, plain creature like human, while mortal woman may not like the idea that they would looked older and saggy compared to an elven lover over time. I cannot find the essay anymore since I forgot the title, but anyone who may have read it can provide me with the link.

This analysis is exactly why Aegnor's and Andreth's romance may be a memorable one (just like Twilight? lol, Comparing Twilight to LOTR? Blasphemy!) I would've loved to see it though, even if they don't get a happy ending.