Work Work Work

There comes a time in that year, where so many activities are being held at the same month and you have to juggle between teaching, training kids, marking students' books, writing lesson plans and office work. Yes, teachers have office works. We keep tons of useless files and are expected to update them monthly. Sometimes we're overwhelmed and couldn't finish them at a day, carrying these works to the next day where new paperwork awaits.

Couple this with emotional fatigue, having to explain your students why you have to leave them in the class to train the students who are outside (who are also asking why you're not with them when they're training because you have to attend to your classes), as well as stress of the mind added with heartache at the fact that your superiors aren't very supportive or decisive (complaining about your chores with the kids at the same time telling you to do these activities with the kids).

I don't hate being a teacher. I just hate the system.

Trying not to think too much, so a quick sketch before I go to sleep. Two more days and it's over. Gaah!