Reigniting Passion in Digital Drawing

Drawing on laptop, drawing on Ipad... Having a career and living away from beloved family, though tiring at times, have also offered a level of freedom I seldom have at home.

I'm the type of person who cannot draw/write/doanythingatall when someone was watching at my back. And back home, privacy is often disregarded and I cannot count how many times my heart jumped whenever my mom open the door to my room when I was deeply focused on my activities.

Yes, when I am truly focused at something, please don't walk up behind me or something... It makes my heart weak and I will feel giddy afterwards...

So, having my own room, I am free to do whatever I wanted without any disturbance. It's quiet here, just me and my music all the time, And I have a chance to rediscover my love for drawing; mainly digital drawing because of the flexibility it could offer me. And because traditional materials are hard to find here.

I have been drawing since then, juggling between work, social life and much needed rest. My life is turning out for a way more positive direction. I procrastinated less and doing more. And I'm done letting circumstances take me down.

Here's a showcase of what I've done these past three months. I hope to improve more.