So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

I think I have a previous post titled just like this, but I can't seem to remember. 

So, I'm still in intense battle against procrastination. That two weeks holiday did some damage to my progress so that was a bummer. However, it did made me realize that my problem mainly lies in my surrounding; I am way more motivated to do things when there were less noise and distraction. Being at home, I am constantly turned off by the level of noises produced by television, the uncomfortable heat, and the electricity that died for every ten minutes. I planned for a lot of things during the holiday, and I failed to do 85% of those activities. Thus I spent most of my times gaming and watching drama, avoiding my art projects and whatnots.

However, now I'm at Tenom, I am more than motivated to do my art projects. In fact, I get so motivated by art, there was no time for me to game and watch movies anymore! No, not even during weekend. All I did was my school works and drawing, and every time I wanted to watch a movie, I'd be like "wait, there's two more hours before bed time, I should draw something!" 

It's nice actually to be incredibly motivated because it helps me to see ahead of what I wanted for myself in the future. Besides, art kind of consoled me from all the stress I get at work. I hope one day I'll be able to make money from my art and pay off all my loans before I reach 40. Haaaaa... Wishful thinking.